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Unveiling the Future Generation of Startups

Anticipate a spectacular showcase from IFA Next in 2024. With Berlin and the entirety of Europe nurturing one of the globe's most diverse and exhilarating startup ecosystems, we've recognized the need to cast a brighter spotlight on it.

In collaboration with TNW, a seasoned entity in the startup industry, we're embarking on a journey to connect and highlight the most captivating founders, investors, and corporate innovation labs at IFA Next.

So, what's in store? Brace yourself for a meticulously curated program that features Europe's most emerging startups. Expect an array of demo days, pitching competitions, investor discussions, and much more. In essence, we're delivering everything you could desire, irrespective of your position within the startup ecosystem.

With an impressive lineup of over 500 startups set to join in 2024, ensure you seize the opportunity not to miss out on IFA Next.

Why showcase at IFA Next?



It's time to take advantage of big changes coming!

Get your brand in front of investors, corporate innovators, potential customers and partners

Launch your product in a high-octane environment

Connect with international retailers and distributors to extend your reach

Discover unique partnership opportunities

Appear alongside the hottest startups in Europe

Showcase  your technology products globally

Stand side-by-side with the world's most disruptive innovators

Who gets together at IFA Next

Investors who are on the hunt for the next big thing in consumer electronics and home appliances will add IFA Next to their portfolio. IFA Next is the ultimate destination to discover breakthrough innovations and connect with visionary startup founders who are disrupting industries like gaming, robotics, XR, smart home, and digital health - among others. This is an invaluable opportunity to network with co-investors and corporate innovators, unlock potential deal flow and exit opportunities. 

 Startups who are creating innovative solutions for the consumer electronics and home appliances market IFA Next is  the one-stop-shop for attracting potential investors, meeting customers and partners, identifying marketplaces, connecting with talented professionals to grow your teams, and to gain valuable publicity and promotion. From smart home and entertainment to AR/VR, robotics, mobility, and AI, IFA Next is the ultimate platform to showcase your product and take your business to the next level. 

Corporate innovation, incubation and investing teams are searching for the next wave of disruptors in the consumer electronics and home appliances industry - or related technologies. One example is Funded House who seeks to connect investable startups with interested investors. Others seek to identify potential acquisition targets and discover cutting-edge technology to propel business growth, tap into a talent pool, and position your company as a digital and tech-driven disruptor.




Because Innovation Drives Everything

This year, IFA Next is reaching new heights. Prepare for a symphony of innovation stemming from IFA 2024, with Berlin and Europe at large fostering one of the world's most diverse and electrifying startup ecosystems. Download our brochure to dive deeper into the details.

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Take inspiration from the best

Anthony Lacavera is a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and philanthropist

Anthony interviewed founders and CEOs of our startups in attendance at IFA 2023, and took part as a judge for our pitch battles.

He is the founder of Globalive and the founder and past Chairman, and CEO of WIND Mobile (which he sold for $1.6 billion). There are over 130 early-stage companies in his venture portfolio. Anthony is also the Co-host of Beyond Innovation, which airs on Bloomberg TV globally in 73 countries and is produced by Globalive Media. He has forged a reputation as an entrepreneur who has changed Canada’s telecom industry.

Globalive Media socials:

Anthony's socials: 


In addition to panels and keynotes, here are some innovative formats on the IFA Next stage to connect the tech ecosystem:

Sector spotlights


Aligned with specific sectors, these sessions feature investor insights on the opportunities and challenges in that space, including identifying the top 5 innovations poised for disruption. The session concludes with a mini-pitch battle featuring startups from the IFA startup program. The winner of the competition moves on to the Startup Showdown finals. Verticals will include: gaming, robotics, AR/VR, AI and many others.

Reverse pitches


Delivered by corporates and investors, this is the opportunity for startups to gain a detailed understanding of the innovation needs, gaps and/or appetites of the company, how they source startups and make investment decisions, and how they work alongside startups. IFA startup programs are eligible to submit their startup for consideration if there is a match.

Product showcases


A high visibility opportunity for startups to showcase how their product or solutions solves pressing challenges, creates opportunities or transform how business is done to potential customers, investors and partners. Presenters will get the chance to gather feedback and identify areas of improvements, and validate ideas to move forward and grow. 

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