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Mimi Hearing Technologies

Hall: 27 Stand: 746

Mimi is the global leader in sound personalization technology for consumer audio devices. The Berlin based company tailors audio for everyone to enjoy richer and more immersive sound adapted to their unique hearing. Mimi provides the #1 digital Hearing Test App on the market and has developed the world’s largest database of digital hearing profiles. The company has the technical expertise, infrastructure and industry relationships allowing fast deployment of their solutions into consumer electronics products like headphones, TVs and smartphones. 


Boxhagenerstr. 82
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  • Audio processing for personalized transparency sound that focuses on in-person conversation enhancement,allowing you to follow a conversation in a noisy environment with ease.The solution can be used ...
  • Specifically designed for Smart TVs, this feature allows the user to control the level of music and sound effects to increase dialogue understanding.By increasing dialogue intelligibility Mimi ensures ...
  • This new Mimi extension is designed to enhance your audio experience while using your web browser, and tailors the sound specifically to you.It leverages cutting-edge audio processing technology to pe ...
  • Mimi Hearing Test is a free digital hearing screening tool. The user-friendly test is easy to complete and is the perfect application if you are curious about your hearing health.You will be guided th ...
  • Mimi hearing technology adapts sound to your unique hearing. Whether listening to music, movies, games, sports, or audiobooks you can bring back the details without having to turn the volume up. The p ...
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