09 Nov 2023

Beurer launches new automatic curling iron

Beurer's new automatic curling iron, the HT 75, creates curls with the touch of a button

The HT 75 simplifies the process of curling with a user-friendly mechanism that takes care of wrapping and heating hair, leaving no kinks or trapped hair strands behind.

Advanced ceramic coating

According to Beurer, the HT 75's advanced ceramic tourmaline coating ensures gentle styling, while the device's ion outlet conditions hair for a shinier finish. The new curling iron is also suitable for different kinds of hair with its multiple temperature settings and curl directions ensure customisation and natural-looking styles.

Redefining convenience in hair styling

The Beurer curling iron's quick and safe handling eliminates the need for a heat protection glove, thanks to its intelligent design with a vertical handle, the brand says. Moreover, the smart timer feature signals when to release the hair to avoid overheating.

The Beurer HT 75 caters to all hair types with its bespoke temperature settings of 170°C, 190°C, and 210°C, enabling users to tailor their styling experience to their hair's unique structure and needs. An intelligent timer feature enhances personalisation by emitting a sound to alert users when each curl is perfectly styled, ensuring optimal results.

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