Cordula Meckenstock

Prof Dr Cordula Meckenstock

Prof Dr Cordula Meckenstock is a Europe and US trained lawyer with academic focus on Responsibility & ESG as well as Business & Human Rights.  She holds an MBA from St. Gallen Executive School in Switzerland and is Honorary Professor at the University of Leipzig in Germany, where she teaches International Anti-Corruption Law.  

By working in the public sector, in an international law firm and in various global leadership positions in private sector settings, Cordula has gathered valuable insights into the different perspectives, management as well as leadership approaches in her fields of expertise: Business & Data Ethics, People&Culture, Governance & Anti Corruption, Sustainability & ESG.  

Cordula's most recent focus in on establishing ESG as a value driver in international corporations - thinking ESG entrepreneurially.  In her view, ESG should be tackled business driven and not reporting driven, thereby ensuring economic sustainability and a competitive edge when doing so. 

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